30-31 Jan 2023 Paris (France)

16th SIG Design Theory Paris Workshop (30th-31st January 2023, Paris, France)

About the workshop 


We welcome contributions in the areas of the Design Theory SIG :  

1-    Design Theory and other disciplines: AI, cognition, engineering sciences, data science, biology, physics...

2-    The value of Design Theory for practitioners

3-    Design Theory and Education 

4-    Design Theory and perception theory: reception and critic of design, identity of objects

5-    Design theory and the economics of design


More information can be found:

https://designtheory.sciencesconf.org  / http://www.tmci.mines-paristech.fr/design-theory/  / https://www.designsociety.org/ds_group/19/Design+Theory  / http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxi9wu_design-theory_news    



Different types of sessions will be held during the first two days (9am-6pm):

1)    Substantial presentations (45mn-1hour) of ongoing research in the research areas of the SIG

2)    Round tables and /or open discussions on new approaches and emerging issues

3)    Special sessions will be held to facilitate subgroup meetings on special topics or to discuss new research plans that could benefit from the cooperation of several SIG members and lead to new insights and co-publications


Based on the work done during the previous workshops, we will have special parallel sessions to discuss the following four topics:

·      Design theory and creation in philosophy and culture

·      Design theory and Artificial Intelligence

·      Design theory and cognition and psychology

·      Design theory and management


Final program and schedule: SIG Chairmen will compose the final program taking into account suggestions and proposals received from participants. Registration and submission for the workshop is detailed below.



Participation in the two days SIG WORKSHOP

Any person asking to participate, please register at https://designtheory.sciencesconf.org/registration/index before Jan 25th, 2023 (participation is free, students are welcome) https://designtheory.sciencesconf.org/registration/index

Submission for the WORKSHOP

For those who would like to present their work or would like to suggest topics for discussions, please submit (via the platform https://designtheory.sciencesconf.org/submission/submit ) a short abstract of (no more than two pages) or a paper (published or unpublished).  Submission deadline is October 28th, 2022

THE PLATEFORM (https://designtheory.sciencesconf.org ) IS THE SAME FOR THE REGISTRATION AND FOR THE SUBMISSIONS. Please contact Stéphanie Brunet <stephanie.brunet@mines-paristech.fr> if you have any question regarding registration and/or submission.



Mines Paris (Ecole des Mines), 60 boulevard Saint Michel, Paris 75006, FRANCE.

Mines Paris  is located in the heart of the Latin quarter of Paris, near the Pantheon, Sorbonne University and the Luxembourg gardens. It is really easy to access our school as it’s 50 m from the Luxembourg subway Station (RER)  
The participation to the workshop is free. The chair Design theory and Methods for Innovation of Mines Paris will pay for the organization and for breaks, lunches during the workshop. There will be a cocktail for all participants Monday January 30th evening. 
Additionally, the chair will cover the accommodation costs for the speakers for 2 nights. 

Travel and accommodation costs: all participants who are not presenters are expected to cover their cost.  A list of hotels in the neighborhood of Mines Paris can be provided.  




Other related event: TUTORIAL IN DESIGN THEORY (1-2-3 February 2023, Paris, France)

From the 1st to the 3rd of February (just after the workshop), the Tutorial on Design Theory will take place. You might be interested in also participating to this event, or one of your PhD students might be interested - please look at the website (https://tutorialondt.sciencesconf.org/) for submission. 

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