13th SIG Design Theory Paris Workshop (27 jan - 28 jan 2020, Paris, France)

Scientific content of the workshop:

We welcome contributions in the areas of the Design Theory SIG :  

  1. Design Theory and other disciplines: AI, cognition, engineering sciences, data science, biology, physics...
  2. The value of Design Theory for practitioners
  3. Design Theory and Education
  4. Design Theory and perception theory: reception and critic of design, identity of objects
  5. Design theory and the economics of design

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Special sessions

Based on the work done during the 12th workshop, we will have special parallel sessions to discuss the following four topics:

  • Design theory and creation in philosophy and culture
  • Design theory and Artificial Intelligence
  • Design theory and cognition and psychology
  • Design theory and management

Organization of the workshop

Different types of sessions will be held during the first two days (9am-6pm):

  1. Substantial presentations (45mn-1hour) of ongoing research in the research areas of the SIG
  2. Round tables and/or open discussions on new approaches and emerging issues
  3. Parallel workshops will be held to facilitate subgroup meetings on special topics or to discuss new research plans that could benefit from the cooperation of several SIG members and lead to new insights and co-publications

Final program and schedule: SIG Chairmen will compose the final program taking into account suggestions and proposals received from participants. Registration for the workshop is detailed below.

4th SIG Tutorial on Design Theory (29-30-31 jan 2020, Paris, France)

The Design Theory Tutorial goal is to provide relevant, inspiring and actionable knowledge to researchers looking to increase their knowledge and competencies in Design Theory.

Target audience is scholars, especially PhD students and post-doc students, who are interested in research topics related to design theory. The objectives of the session are:

  • To learn some of the foundational models used in design theory and research, their relationship and the historical context within which they were proposed,
  • To develop skills in applying a variety of design methods in various situations for different purposes – including for research,
  • To interact with and learn from specialist researchers in the field to develop and refine their own research questions and to build future collaboration opportunities.

All professors of the tutorial are international researchers from leading labs working on Design Theory (Carnegie Mellon University, Tel Aviv University, Otto-von-Guericke University, ORT Braude College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Pennsylvania State University, James Madison University, MINES ParisTech, etc.)

Detailed program of the special session will be shortly available. Registration details are given below.

Submissions and registration: important dates


If you want to receive the official call for paper, please leave us your address at the following address : chaire-tmci@mines-paristech.fr . This call for paper will be sent during the summer.

Participation in the two days SIG WORKSHOP

Any person asking to participate, please send a participation request before January 24th, 2020  (participation is free, students are welcome).
For those who would like to present their work or would like to suggest topics for discussions, please send a short abstract (no more than two pages) or a paper (published or unpublished).  Submission deadline is October 31, 2019.

Participation to the 3-day TUTORIAL

To participate to the tutorial day, please send us a short summary of no more than two pages on your PhD project. We will accept the participation requests based on limited available capacity.  Submission deadline is October 31, 2019

NOTE: Senior scholars are also warmly welcome – please send a short note of no more than two pages on your research program and the reasons for your interest in attending the tutorial.

Please contact Stéphanie Brunet <stephanie.brunet@mines-paristech.fr> if you have any question regarding registration and/or submission.

Based on the responses received, the SIG chairmen will detail the plan of presentations and debates that will be communicated to all registered participants* before November, 20th 2019.

*Registered participants are expected to participate in all the tutorial program.


MINES ParisTech (Ecole des Mines), 60 boulevard Saint Michel, Paris 75006, FRANCE.

MINES ParisTech is located in the heart of the Latin quarter of Paris, near the Pantheon, Sorbonne University and the Luxembourg gardens. It is really easy to access our school as it’s 50 m from the Luxembourg subway Station (RER)

Practicalities and costs

The participation to the workshop is free. The chair Design theory and Methods for Innovation of MINES ParisTech will pay for the organization and for breaks, lunches during the workshop.
Additionally, the chair will cover the accommodation costs for the speakers for 2 nights. There will also be a cocktail for all the speakers on Monday January 27th evening.

Scholarships for 3-day tutorial: The 3-day tutorial fee is 100€. Doctoral students and senior scholars accepted for the tutorial day and who are in need of funding can apply for a limited number of scholarships to cover accommodation costs. Number of scholarships is limited and will be allocated by the organizing committee. Please contact Stéphanie Brunet <stephanie.brunet@mines-paristech.fr> for further details.  

Travel and accommodation costs

Participants who are not presenters are expected to cover their cost.  A list of hotels in the neighborhood of MINES ParisTech will be provided.  

Looking forward to meeting you in Paris,

Pascal Le Masson, and Eswaran Subrahmanian co-chairs
Benjamin Cabanes, Secretary


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